A glued, highly durable floor 
MarineLVT is a floor that is glued in place and is designed for ships, indoor surfaces on oil platforms and other marine environments. It has a wear layer that makes it suitable for areas requiring a high degree of durability. MarineLVT is an economical floor available in numerous colours and patterns and can also be ordered according to your own design. 

• IMO certified
• Glued in place
Extremely durable 
Tailored solutions 
• 0.5 mm PU reinforced wear layer; total thickness 2.5 mm

The floor’s structure:
MarineLVT has three layers and a transfer film. The surface is aluminium-oxide reinforced, making the floor easier to keep clean. 

1. Transparent 0.5 mm wear layer 
2. Film with chosen pattern 
3. Stability layer 
4. Underside

The floor’s total thickness is 2.5 mm.